Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dual Sport Motorcycles Sale: The All Around Vehicle

Dual Sport Motorcycle
Many people are appreciating the value dual sport motorcycles which is why it is a hot item in a number of countries around the world. Also referred to as an off-road bike, it is designed to be used on and off the road. It is rugged enough to handle dirt roads and can also drive through city streets with ease, making this bike versatile to any type of terrain. The reason why it’s called dual sport motorcycles is because it is intended to be used both on dirt and on pavement. A dual sport motorcycle can bring a number of benefits, below is a list of what it can offer.

•The biggest and also the most obvious advantage is that you can take the bike anywhere. This motorcycle can be brought anywhere the owner pleases to go.

•It is a street-legal bike. Even if it can be used as an off-road bike, it has the legal requirements of a normal street bike, allowing it to roam the city streets legally. It is equipped with the following legal requirements: head lights, turn signals, tail lights, a speedometer and a gas gauge.

•This bike is low-priced compared to other street bikes. Dual sport motorcycles are much cheaper compared to street bikes. Also, there are numerous places that offer second hand bikes that allow you to purchase them at a bargain price. Dual sport motorcycles have an average price of less than $1,000.

•It is a very fuel efficient motorcycle, making it the ideal vehicle today because of the unstoppable increase of the price at the pump. Some street bikes have the tendency to burn gas like it’s nobody’s business, the fuel efficiency of the dual sport allows it to run for 25 kilometers on just one liter of gas. This can help you cut down your costs on gas.

•It’s one of the sturdiest bikes in the market, it can be subject to rough riding and still be able to operate efficiently. They are very hard to break and very easy to fix, again allowing you to save on maintenance costs.

Amazingly, dual sport motorcycles have even more advantages. When looking for an all around bike, this is a good choice.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Accessorizing Your Machine

Harley Accessories
Harley Davidson Motorcycle has the ability to make you stand out among tens of other bikers. But, what with all ten riding the same Harley Davidson Motorcycle? Customizing your bike with hundreds of available accessories is the key to this problem. Your altered vehicle will say a lot about your individuality and it will reflect the way you think.

As mentioned before, the final look of your machine says a lot about your personality and character. Therefore, choose the add-ons that appeal to you the most. For instance, speed lovers can go for enhanced engine power for their Harley Davidson motorcycle and those who want to emphasize on looks can use a lot of chrome accessories.

Commonly Used Accessories Mentioned below, are some accessories that find favor with Harley Davidson motorcycle owners.

-A Complete Kit is a great choice, as it contains all essential accessories like belt buckle, windshield, side plates, sissy bar, backrest pad, storage cover, seat etc.
-An exhaust system says a lot about your sporty attitude. It is a must-have accessory for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. It emphasizes the exhaust pipe that gives out the unique Harley sound.
-Special seats for a different models looks great and also gives comfort to the rider or his co-passenger. It makes the journey more enjoyable.
-A Windshield and a windshield trim add a lot to the looks of your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Harley Davidson windshield is scratch-free and it protects the rider from strong winds while riding, and its trim gives it an extra edge.
-A Backrest pad adds a great deal to the exterior of your Harley Davidson and at the same time gives support to your back, or that of your co-rider.
-A Fender Trim is a thin, chrome-polished trim and is put on the front fender. It enhances the look of your Harley, to a great extent.
-Instrument trim is used to highlight the instruments on your Harley, like the tachometer or the speedometer on some selected models of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. These trims are also chrome-plated.
-A saddlebag can add a lot of style to your Harley. It can be bought either in leather or in a color matching with your bike. There is a vast variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors available for these saddlebags
-A sissy bag put at the back seat of your Motorcycle. It not only provides you with extra storage space on your vehicle, but also adds a certain expression to your vehicle.

Adding these accessories to your Harley Davidson Motorcycle will rid it of its typical look and make it look different to match your personality. To this is the added advantage of usability of these accessories.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Customizing Your Vehicle

Customized Harley Davidson
It is indeed a matter of pride to own a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. But, at the same time, it seems unexciting to see that your motorcycle has the looks as many others on the road possess. Thus, customizing your motorcycle makes it distinctive, with basic design, tailored to match your dream machine. A customized Harley Davidson Motorcycle showcases the owner’s individual taste and the artist’s exclusive style. A customized vehicle motivates other riders to create their own identity, in their own manner.

The Need To Customize Your Vehicle

Having understood the above, you know that it is not mandatory to customize your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. However, lots of people still opt for customizing as a customized Harley Davidson has the ability to be different and individual to anyone who comes across it. With more and more striking and technically admirable material available, to make customizing more attractive and distinct, more people are seen opting for customizing. Customizing is the only resort to fulfill the fancies of your imagination of having the only Harley Davidson in the world.

Qualities Of Customized Motorcycles

A customized Harley Davidson has the ability to achieve a speed of 160km/h to 200 km/h. The best candidates for customization are the motorcycles that have 250cc or greater engines and are supposed to run on smooth uninterrupted roads. Road cruisers and sport motorbikes are best for customization. The examples of these are: Harley-Davidson, Excelsior and Henderson. The customized motorcycle abides to a liberated way of life, by giving the rider, a unique posture of upright back, and hands above the handle.

Why to Customize

Not only does your customized Harley Davidson Motorcycle raises eyebrows and turns heads, you can also participate in contests with it and also win prizes. A large number of auto shows are held across the US each year; like the Los Angels auto show and the Detroit auto show. You can race your Harley Davidson in these rallies.

Where To Customize Your Motorcycle

Special artists with qualification in engineering and designing customize a standard vehicle. They work in accordance with your specifications. Hot Rods is one such example of customizer, who have won various awards in Auto shows around the world. They cater to the best of the people to convert their top brand vehicles. Various websites like ‘cyrilhuze’ and ‘hogpainter’ also offer customizing services for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The enhanced looks of your vehicle, give you an overall enriching riding experience.

Owners of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, crave to carve an individual impression about them. The customized Harley Davidson factories fabricate a small number of existing motorcycles. A true customizing fan believes that the best-customized motorcycle is the one that is carved from scrape.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuning For Better Performance

Harley Davidson motorcycles Carburetor re-jetting
Harley Davidson Motorcycles are the most admired name in motorcycles, worldwide. They make heads turn, when they zoom past. This is indeed due not only to their fabulous looks, but also because of the sound technology and hassle free maintenance that go into their making. It makes their owner proud of possessing a Harley Davidson.

Tuning The Carburetor

Often, the Carburetor of motorcycles needs to be tuned according to conditions. Harley Davidson motorcycles are very easily tuned, by the following of a few simple steps. One simply requires some general tools. The steps are the same for all Harley Davidson models, beginning year 1989, in which CV type carburetor is used. Even the older Harley Davidson Motorcycles, that use the butterfly type carburetor, can be converted into a CV carburetor.

Procedure To Tune The Carburetor

Tuning is a prerequisite to Harley Davidson motorcycles Carburetor rejetting. To tune your carburetor, you will require removing it from the engine of your motorcycle, in accordance with the steps given in the service booklet. It is then placed upside down on a work platform. You need to access a mixture screw, enveloped in a soft metal covering, located on a cylindrical tower, at the back of the carburetor. For this, you will require to drill the metal covering, slowly, in order to not damage the metal screw inside. On being drilled, the metal covering will come out and you will get the screw. Clean the screw thoroughly, to rid it of any particles or metal shreds from drilling.

Adjusting The Screw

Now, you will have to rotate the screw clockwise, to tighten it smoothly in its position. Tightening too hard can harm the screw or its hold. You may use a small screwdriver with a flat head for this purpose. After tightening to a maximum, turn it outwards for two rotations.

Fine Tuning The Carburetor

Putting the carburetor back into the engine is the last step in the tuning of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles’ carburetor. The instructions for reinstallation can be found in the service manual. While reinstalling the Carburetor, do not forget to put back other parts such as: fuel hose clamp, vacuum lines, air cleaner assembly and all other connections. Now is the time to start the engine and let it run for three to four minutes. This will heat up the engine to the required temperature. Then comes the time for fine-tuning. While the engine is still running, slowly tighten the screw, till you can hear the engine stagger. The fine-tuning the carburetor of your Harley Davidson Motorcycle is done.

Once tuned, the difference can clearly be noticed. The bike will run more smoothly and have an even purring sound. If you feel it still needs more tuning; you can further fine-tune it following the instructions given above.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Make A Style Statement With Your Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Apparel
Harley Davidson motorcycles spell style and magic on the road. Owning a Harley Davidson Motorcycle is a great feeling in itself. After being its proud owner, you will feel the need to match your personality with its sturdy and rough style. To smarten up yourself and to enhance its magical effect, you can use the original Harley Davidson clothing line. This will make the rider feel really special. Some of the garb that you must possess as matching in tone with the ownership of a Harley Davidson is described here.

Harley Davidson Apparel

A rider riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket with Harley Davidson Logo, is the ultimate sight. This Jacket lends a macho image to the rider and is a sight to behold. This jacket is also available in some other colors but black looks the best. It is manufactured by leading brands like Levis. A Black Leather Harley Davidson Pant is a must, to go with a Black Leather Jacket. This completes the look. Then, you can go for a Harley Davidson T-shirt, for the hotter months. Whether riding your bike or not, this T-shirt will lend its style to you. Whether riding the bike or not, these apparels will make a statement about your style.

Harley Davidson Accessories

Harley Davidson Boots come first in the list of Harley Davidson Motorcycle riders. They are available in various styles, for both men and women. These can be worn for riding within the city or during long journeys. You can even wear them otherwise to make a lasting impression about yourself. Wearing a helmet is mandatory by law for motorcycle riders. A helmet is a must for the safety of riders and therefore, there is no better way to protect you, than with a Harley Davidson helmet. Harley Davidson sunglasses are also available for the fashionable rider. The various styles can be matched with your bike or outfit.

More Embellishments

Other accessories that carry the Harley Davidson brand name and add a touch of class to the biker’s image are: Caps, watches, bracelets, earrings, birthstones, charms etc. The list is endless and each item is a collector’s piece. These say a lot about your fashionable attitude.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Inc. began a journey that started just with the production of motorcycles. They established a name for themselves and an image, which is hard to match. The company has graduated from just producing bikes to the world of fashion to give a real biking experience to the rider, accessories etc.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Distinguished Heritage

61O HV 1940 Barber 
Harley Davidson Motorcycles continue to make waves, since their conception, more than a century ago. Over a century ago, the thought of  a motorized bicycle was indeed very modern. Today, motorbikes are a common thing on the roads. But given their antiquity, Harley Davidson Motorcycles are technically, a step ahead of their counterparts.

The Beginning Of An Era

The engine invented by William Harley and Arthur Davidson, in year 1903 was fitted on to a bicycle, but it failed initial trials, when it could not climb slopes. It still needed to be paddled to conquer steep climbs. With more determination than before, these youngsters made a few improvements in their invention and came up with stronger and more powerful engines for their Harley Davidson Motorcycles. This is just the beginning of their success and the rest is history.

The Success Story

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company saw success after success. In their first year, they succeeded in selling their first motorcycle. The second year saw production and sale of 11 units and 50 units were sold in the third year. Within the next five years, they had sold 154 bikes. Harley Davidson established their name in motorcycle manufacturing, in a short period of time. A venture, which was the dream of two individuals, turned into a reality.


Harley Davidson Motorcycles won many awards, which increased their popularity. These motorcycles were bought for use by the police force.. The manufacturers were also honored, when they were asked to supply motorcycle units in bulk, for the military in the First and the Second World War.

Epithets By Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Motorcycles have been so popular for decades that their fans have given them a few nicknames. These epithets are: ‘choppers’ after a distinctive design of Harley, which had a protruding front and handles lying away from their regular position. ‘Hogs’ was the name given to the model, which was used to transport racing pigs. These vehicles had extra space to carry the animals. And finally ‘Harleys’ is the most common name given to this vehicle, as it is short and steady.

Going Places

There are various Harley Davidson Motorcycle Fairs held in various parts of USA and Europe, around the year. Daytona has it in the month of March and New Hampshire and New England in June. August is the home for Harleys in the town/city of August in a similar manner. In this way, Harley Davidson fans and owners get to meet each other and also get a chance to customize their bikes in the most unusual way.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles are and will remain the most admired and preferred brand of motorcycles around the world. A company that can match its style and quality is yet to be born.

Harley-Davidson History 1903-2013 video

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Pioneers Of Motorbikes

Harley Davidson Motorcycles have been around for more than a century now. Still, they have retained their appeal and charm through all these years and are therefore, the most desired motorcycles, all over the world. What makes them special is their inimitable style, dissimilar from the usual Japanese make. This makes them the leaders in this industry. Harley Davidson can boast of various top-notch models and they go on to produce better vehicles, year after year.

About The Company
The Harley-Davidson Motor Company is situated in America and manufactures Harley Davidson Motorcycles. They are one of the two major motorcycle producers in America, the other one being Victory motorcycles. These bikes are supplied to the Police Force of the country and have great fans among many elite members of the society. The logo of Harley Davidson is also licensed and this accounts for about five percent of their total profits.

Origin Of The Company
Two friends, William Harley and Arthur Davidson founded Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company in the year 1903. The founder, William Harley created a draft for a cylindrical engine with four-inch flywheel, to be fitted atop a bicycle. Nonetheless, this did not prove to be very successful, while climbing the slopes. This inspired the pair to make more improvements to their invention and this time, they came up with a 405 cc engine and eventually, their first motorcycle.

The first year saw the entry of Harley Davidson Motorcycle in a motorcycle race held at Milwaukee. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle factory, which started in a small shed, moved to Chestnut Street, presently known as Juneaue Avenue, which remains the company headquarters to this date. There was no looking back, as William Harley completed his degree in Mechanical engineering that helped him to produce improved versions of his motorcycles, from time to time. The introduction of the 45-degree V-Twin engine was a great breakthrough for Harley Davidson motorcycles. During the first and the Second World War, Harley Davidson motorcycles were produced and provided in large numbers to the military.

The Low Point
Due to change in some government policies, the decade of seventies saw a downfall for the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company. It suffered a great setback due to internal mismanagement, resulting in a rather bad image for the company. It is then, that it was bought over by Willie G. Davidson and Vaughn Beals., who were able to redo its scarred reputation.

Special Features
The special feature of Harley Davidson motorcycles is their characteristic exhaust system. Harley Davidson motorcycles are heavy weight vehicles, specially engineered for cruising. Their heavy design brought about the chopper style motorcycles that we see today. These vehicles have a distinguished design and sound.